Yoga workshops

These longer classes consist of strong dynamic flow with periods of blissful rest and relaxation, as well as deep breath work. We work towards some challenging postures, but safely and steadily so the classes are suitable for all levels except complete beginners. Each class has an uplifting theme and features music and readings to inspire you and fan the yoga flames within.

Space is limited, so early booking is advised! Workshops are taught at a private location in NW5 or at a studio as detailed below, please enquire for further details.

Get uplifted! Sat 7th March (3-5.30pm) at Yoga on the Lane

Celebrate the return to longer, warmer days with this light and bright workshop that will put a spring back in your step. Enjoy 2.5 hours of mood boosting pranayama (breath work), uplifting vinyasa flow with a gentle sprinkling of inversions to shift your perspective, and deeply restful restoratives. All welcome.

Warm up, chill out – Sunday 23rd November (3-5.30pm) at Yoga on the Lane

Embrace the colder weather with this delicious and warming yoga workshop. We will gently heat the body with fluid vinyasa sequences, before diving deeply into long-held openings. Your well-earned wind-down will include restorative poses, pranayama practices and a supremely relaxing candlelit savasana. Stay for tea before wrapping up well and heading out into the November air.

And when old Winter puts his blank face to the glass,
I shall close all my shutters, pull the curtains tight,
And build me stately palaces by candlelight.
 – Landscape, by Baudelaire (Les Fleurs du Mal) 
Open to all, including adventurous beginners, please call the studio to book. 


Delicious flow & restore class – Sat 31st May 2-4.30pm in NW5

I’m running a lovely 2.5 hour class at my light, bright, newly renovated home in NW5 on Sat 31st May. The class will comprise steady dynamic vinyasa and will conclude with some delicious restorative postures and a blissful relaxation. Tea and a homemade treat provided afterwards! Drop me a note if you’d like to book in. The class costs £25

Slow down, unwind, breathe – Sun 16th March 3-5.30pm at Yoga on the Lane, Dalston

This slow and steady 2.5 hour class will incorporate a gentle vinyasa practice, pranayama (breath work) techniques and restorative postures. We will move sweetly and with ease, and will learn simple breath techniques to calm and rebalance body and mind. Blissful restorative postures will give us an opportunity to surrender fully and soak up the fruits of our practice.

All levels welcome. More info here. 


Previous themes have included:

Leaping with Hanuman

The epic tale of Hanuman’s great leap provides the inspiration for this playful 2 hour class. Within a Vinyasa practice we will explore backbending as well as deep work into the hamstrings and hip flexors – all of which will move us towards Hanumanasa (split pose) in a safe, supported and accessible manner. Elements of storytelling will help us along the way, and a sweet relaxation will return us to balance. Tight legs just as welcome as stretchy ones!

For students with some experience of the Vinyasa practice.

Advanced Twisting – An energizing 2 hour practice diving deeply into a variety of yogic twists. From first principles (why we twist & how to do it safely) we will build into a steady yet strong flow heating the body and initiating the detoxification process. There will be plenty of time to experiment with some more unusual twists including both standing balances and arm balances before unwinding and soaking up the delicious fruits of our hard work.

Balancing with ease – playing with the notion of fluidity and space standing on one leg and on the hands.


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