Thank you to all my wonderful students for your patience, kind words and dedicated practice…

“AJ has supported me through my yoga journey over the past three odd years. During this period, she has shown dedication and patience in helping me develop my own practice. On top of the group classes, the two hour workshops really give me the opportunity to delve deep in the varying elements of yoga: breathing practice, meditation, having a play with more advanced postures. I always look forward to the next class. Thank you AJ for being such a wonderful teacher.” Nathalie, Balham

“I’ve been practicing yoga for about 25 years and AJ is one of the best yoginis on the planet.  AJ’s classes are the perfect balance of courage, acceptance and fun. As a teacher, AJ is confident and approachable.  She knows when to suggest being a bit more brave and suggesting child’s pose when needed! I recommend any of her classes and I can’t recommend the 2 hour extended class enough.” Pamela, London

“Aj’s classes are, without a doubt, the highlight of my week. I leave after each session feeling lighter, calmer and relaxed, yet at the same time, as if I’ve done a serious work out! She seems to know exactly how to make adjustments to enhance postures and allow you to push yourself a little bit further. She is always aware of the needs of her pupils, moving around the room to support and guide us. She is a very talented teacher with an individual style, which makes the classes challenging and interesting. Very few yoga teachers have a really positive, strong and soothing outlook – Aj is one of those unique few!” Joanna, Dartmouth Park

“Whether it is a pert bottom or pranayama you are looking for AJ does it all. Without exception she is the best yoga teacher I have ever had the joy of practising with. AJ balances the complex with the simple and the physical with the mental to take yoga to a level that I never imagined possible. It is simply a joy to practise with AJ.” Chris, Balham

“As a yoga beginner I was slightly apprehensive going to my first class with AJ but I went away feeling wonderfully energised. A gentle yet inspiriting instructor, AJ taught me that yoga is not only about developing physical strength and flexibility but also about relaxing, enjoying yourself and thinking about the world around you too. Even though I usually only make a class once a week, I feel so much the better for it!” Amanda, Tufnell Park

“Aj is one of my favourite yoga teachers. She is a true natural with a lovely calm reassuring style – which allows her to coax you through some fairly hardcore routines!” Lucy, Camden